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Think About Your Roof This Spring Time?

Think Safe of Mind, Its Maintenance Time! 

Are you thinking about your roof? 

Common Roof Problems Found During Roof Inspections

Until leaks appear, roofs seem to be out of sight out of mind. The simple truth is that roof deficiencies do not get better over time. Ignoring maintenance problems can create more problematic building concerns. Roof inspections reveal common problems, but in some case the not so predictable issues. The National Roofing Contracting Association and most roofing professionals recommend, your roof to be inspected twice each year, once after the hottest weather and again after the coldest weather. Weather events such as hail, or high winds should also trigger a review of your roof. The main purpose of a roof inspection is to fix minor problems, and prevent major expenses in the future. Roofs that are regularly inspected tend to be better maintained. To prevent further damage do not ignore your roof this spring. Have a professional JAM Associates Inc. inspect your roof, it can help prevent major damages.

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